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Products : Wood Preservers, Creosote & Treatments
Bird Brand Complete Decking Oil Bird Brand Complete Decking Oil
Bird Brand Complete Decking Oil brings out the natural beauty of decks but also sheds, cabins and fencing with a brighter satin finish. It is harmless to pets and plants when dry, and the natural oils help nourish the wood whilst also providing slip resistance and water repellency. Available in a choice of decorative colours in 2.5 Litre tins.
Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver
Bird Brand Complete Wood Preserver is a mixture of active ingredients (propiconazole + permethrin) and solvents to ensure a deeply penetrating and lasting finish. Protecting against dry rot, wet rot and wood boring insects for use on timbers out of ground and standing water contact. It can be used on sheds, fence and timber products where decorative colour and chemical preservative are required. This Spirit Based Complete Wood Preservative is also water repellent when dry. It is also HSE Approved and easy to apply by brush, spray or dipping. Choice of 7 colours in a choice of 4 sizes from 1 Litre to 25 Litre.
Complete (Anti Rot & Woodworm Killer) Complete (Anti Rot & Woodworm Killer)
Bird Brand Complete Anti-Rot Treatment and Woodworm Killer is a mixture of active ingredients (propiconazole & permethrin) inside a low odour solvent. For the prevention and eradication for new and in-situ wood against woodworm (and other woodboring insects) and fungal attack (dry rot, wet rot and mould).
It can be used on indoor timber flooring, joists, window frames, doors, floor boards and for replacement timbers out of ground and surface water contact. Often best used as a initial pre-treatment prior to over painting, staining or varnishing.
HSE approved and low odour.
Shed & Fence One Coat Shed & Fence One Coat
A new superb One Cost Shed & Fence Product which can be sprayed, rolled and brush applied! It's 1 coat coverage can cover 7 fence panel of 6' x 6' size and the special wax and pigment used mean it can cover over existing colours and stop water penetrate into the timber. Very economical, long lasting and available in 6 great colours.
Ecosote Wood Preserver Ecosote Wood Preserver
From 2009 Creosote Substitute cannot now claim or be registered as a
wood preservative. There is a still a need for a low cost but effective wood preservative.

ECOSOTE® effectively preserves external timber to prevent fungi and
decay and is registered with the HSE (UK Health & Safety Executive Tested & Approved). The active ingredients (boron + biocide) are natural decay inhibitors that fight fungi and also control green algae growth.
Although it is water based it penetrates timber just like a solvent based wood preservative.

- Very low hazard to the user/environment
- HSE approved Wood Preservative, - Low VOC Content, - Good penetration, - Low odour & brushes wash out in water, - Non-flammable, - Water repellent, - Brush or spray apply, - Available in Dark, Light & Black in 4 & 20 Litres containers which can be recycled.
Creocote Timber Treatment Creocote Timber Treatment
Bird Brand Creocote has been reforumulated for 2009 so it contains many of the same penetrating oils that are contained in traditional creosote and creosote subsisute but no longer claims or contains the active ingredient and wood preservative. Still used on external timbers with the other characteristics well liked in Creosotes.

It is available in 3 lasting colours and even similar in smell and colour to traditional creosote though care should still be taken when used and stored.
Traditional Creosote Traditional Creosote
Traditional Wood Preserver containing coal tar. Since July 2003 it is only available for professional users so if in doubt use Creosote Substitute. To check your eligibility and to get more details on the EC directive restricting Creosote please click on the info link below.

For professional users there is a choice of 2 colours (Dark and Jet Black) packed in a 25 Litre plastic drum. Bird Brand Creosote conforms to BSS 144 Type 3 and renowned for its wide kill spectrum protecting external timbers against insect and fungal attack. Professional users should download the MSDS for health and safety advice and for your COSHH records. Not available to amateur users.