Why does the shipping cost increase when I add a hazardous products?2021-11-20T10:56:08+00:00

At the end of 2021,  the delivery cost of hazardous items (20/25L drums typically) have increased significantly.  To avoid this and to get the lower price of shipping we would urge customers to purchase in smaller sizes or get FREE delivery when ordering £200 inc. VAT (mainland UK only).

How can I buy your products locally?2016-11-06T13:28:12+00:00

If you rather support your local shop, you can find your local stockist of our products through our Stockists page.

If you would like to become a merchant, please use our Contact Us page and we’ll ensure your email is dealt with personally and promptly.

How can I support my local store?2016-11-06T13:28:12+00:00

We realise that with so many out of town DIY super stores it is often difficult obtaining the sizes and products you really want. If you know a store where you can go and get what you want then make sure you use it!! Stores that purchase Bird Brand can obtain larger sizes or any other product shown in our online catalogue and won’t charge delivery.

If you would like to become a merchant, please use our Contact Us page and we’ll ensure your email is dealt with personally and promptly.

How do you protect my credit card details and identity?2016-08-11T16:07:34+01:00

When the order is placed at our website, credit card numbers are encrypted using 128 bit encryption by using Sage Pay UK security and payment screens.  They are not available to us nor held in clear text on any web site.   Be assured your customer details will not be sold or used for any other purposes.  From time to time, we may email you with certain Bird Brand offers/promotions, but these are easy to decline by requesting to be taken off our list from future messages.

If you would rather deal with us over the phone, this is also possible by calling 01842 828101 (between 8.30am-5pm Monday- Friday).

What happens if we miss the delivery?2016-08-04T09:10:21+01:00

It happens! For parcel size orders, APC will leave a card with instructions so you can call and arrange another re-delivery or collect from the local depot.  For pallet and HAZ parcel deliveries, the haulier will try calling you whilst onsite to try to fulfill the delivery.  For both types of delivery, after 2 attempts the goods are returned back to our office and whilst refunds can be given the cost of delivery cannot be refunded.

How do you deliver my order?2016-08-04T09:03:10+01:00

For smaller orders we will send your items with TEAM C/APC  parcel carriers and this will be delivered to your door where a signature will be required. Instructions to leave the goods in a specific location without the customer being present or to ring a number ahead of delivery and can be given at the time of order and usually adhered to.

For larger orders (over 100kg) we will send orders on mini pallet using a HGV transport service.
Any instructions are very helpful such as booking in the delivery on a telephone number or for the lorry to have a tail lift. With these deliveries a signature must be obtained by the driver especially with hazardous goods.

What if you sent me the wrong product?2016-08-25T17:36:07+01:00

If we have sent you the wrong product please accept our apologies. Contact us within 14 days of delivery and we will happily send you the correct product.

What happens if the product is faulty?2016-11-06T13:28:12+00:00

Should the goods be claimed to be faulty, the company shall ask for batch numbers for trace-ability and investigate to establish if the product is not in specification.  In larger, more complicated applications sales and technical staff may arrange to visit, view and collect product to also help establish the problem.  The assistance of the customer will speed up the resolution and in any cases where the goods are agreed faulty, the cost of product and delivery will be reimbursed fully or fresh delivery made at no extra cost.  This is in accordance with the UK Government Online and Distance Selling Regulations.

What happens if I change my mind about a product?2016-08-25T12:16:27+01:00

If you change your mind after the order arrives, please let us know within 14 days of delivery.  We will be able to refund you the cost paid for the product (but not initial delivery) if they are returned to us unopened and in good condition.  We can also arrange collection but again this would be deducted from the refund.  If in doubt as to which product to use, do call us on 01842 828101 and we’ll be pleased to assist.

If I order online, how quickly can I expect delivery?2016-08-04T08:43:50+01:00

Admittedly we aren’t quite as quick as an amazon prime, but as a rule 2-4 working days is a typical delivery time.   The (HAZ) Hazardous product will need someone to sign for the delivery but for standard orders  leaving an instruction with what to do with your order if you are not home will avoid re-delivery delays.

Why can’t you deliver certain items to my UK location?2016-08-25T11:59:42+01:00

Even within the UK but especially the Highland and Islands, the cost to deliver just 1 box of hazardous goods  (or a pallet) can be £125! That is because some goods are designated as hazardous for transport so your postcode triggers the message that we can’t deliver this item to you.  However other solutions are available, 1). Do use our stockist link on the home page who could already stock the items.   2). Contact us to discuss a quantity where the delivery becomes viable.   3). Where it’s a possibility, ordering a smaller pack size (e.g. 5 x 4 Litre  instead of 1 x 20 Litre) can also get round the regulations.

Can you deliver outside the UK?2016-08-04T08:48:22+01:00

We can now a offer a delivery service to Northern & Southern Ireland.  Beyond that sending chemicals overseas is really expensive so unless the requirement is large enough, it isn’t economical to supply.  However if we can contact and supply a stockist with a mix of items close to your location it would save several costs.  Please do email if you are have a requirement and we can always arrange a special quote.

When applying natural oil how much oil is recommended?2016-08-11T16:27:49+01:00

When applying an oil, less is definitely more and better to apply several light coats than one heavy coat. Because if over-applied the drying time can be very slow and also feel tacky.  A paint brush can over apply the oil and be the main  cause of a problem  so a  rag can be a better  tool to use.  We would recommend a 1st coat diluted with White Spirit/Genuine Turps  (30-50%) in most cases to help prime and help the oil soak in.  Once dry, several thin coats is always a better option, being ready with the soaked cloth to remove any excess oil.  When dry always wash out the rags well with detergent to avoid a the risk of spontaneous combustion.

My fence has gone green, so should I use a green coloured product to overpaint this?2016-05-02T18:58:17+01:00

NO, before long that algae will soon come back and ruin your hard work.  It is best to remove the algae before you paint and the final results will last much longer.  Spray on the Bird Brand Fungicidal Algae Killer and within a day or so, the green will disappear and then you can paint the colour you want.

What is the difference between a COATING and a STAIN?2021-01-21T12:56:42+00:00

A coating tends to block out the previous products and also the wood grain to some degree.  A stain will colour the wood but will be affected by the previous colour, so in the same way blue and yellow make green, the colour before can also change the finished colour and this should be considered.  If in doubt try a test patch.

What is the difference between a TREATMENT and a PRESERVER?2016-08-31T16:17:37+01:00

To be able to call a product a PRESERVER it must be registered with the HSE and contain active ingredients and display the HSE number.  TREATMENTS can claim to protect the timber in other ways by using water repelling waxes,, surface or film biocides  and UV filters but these cannot claim to ‘preserve’ the timber.

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