The current Complete Wood Preservers are being withdrawn at the end of 2016  to be replaced with a greater choice of preservers and treatments.  Our new autumn catalogue will have all the pricing and details of the replacement products  but in short:

Complete + Superior Wood Preserver Low odour solvent base,  superior  wood stain  finish on smooth timber,  contains 3rd extra active ingredient & resins/waxes. More expensive.

Superior Clear Wood Preserver replaces Complete  Anti Rot Woodworm Killer,  now a water based preserver and woodworm killer.

Complete Wood Protector – Same colour range as the Complete Wood Preserver and a new Ebony Black. Same prices as Complete Wood Preserver. Contains a film biocide preserver to prevent surface fungal growth.  Water repellent. No longer an HSE approved Wood Preserver. Same solvent base. 

In the meantime please be aware of this change and to order sufficient stock accordingly.